Heated Holding Cabinets

It’s not just about “Hot Food”. . .it’s about hot food that holds its taste! Our heated holding cabinets are designed to help your food not only stay hot, but fresh and flavorful for hours!

Keeping track of your school food service operation is challenging enough, students don’t like food that has not been held properly. FWE heated holding cabinets have the ideal blend of heat and humidity to hold all types of menu items.


Maintain the desired heat and humidity balance for uniform raised dough results without having to cover your dough! FWE’s Proofer Heater System creates a stable, controlled environment of heat and moisture which circulates gently throughout the cabinet.

Whether you are proofing dough or holding product that requires moisture, we offer a Proofer Cabinet that will maintain a balance of heat and humidity to your liking. Stationary or for transport, FWE Proofer Cabinets are well built, easy to use and maintain the flavor and product quality you are seeking for short term or extended periods of holding.

Moisture Holding

Heated Moisture Control Cabinets are sure to enhance any busy School foodservice operation. For stationary or satellite kitchens, operators will find the well built FWE moisture cabinets to be easy-to-use, well built and reliable. Maintaining food quality for extended periods of time can be a challenge.

Our moisture cabinets are designed to preserve food quality while staying hot and ready to serve. An accurate balance of heat and humidity levels creates an environment ideal for holding product for short-term and extended periods. Keeping food hot while maintaining flavor and product quality can be achieved with an FWE moisture cabinet.


Mobile commercial refrigeration units are the perfect solution for holding cold foods and transporting from central locations to various school sites and eating areas.

The unique environment of School food service necessitates the demand for portable refrigeration. FWE units have excellent "pull-down" times that are required to reach safe operating conditions and extra insulation to hold temperatures - even in transit. Commercial refrigeration units include Bulk food, and air curtain models.

Retherm Ovens

Feeding the masses of hungry students can be overwhelming. FWE’s Retherm Oven and System Components for bulk trays and pans and wire speed baskets save on labor costs and reduce handling, while providing a hot delicious meal - on time - every time! Prepare and hold hundreds of school lunches quickly with FWE Retherm technology. The FWE Retherm allows operators to prepare and hold a high volume of product with very little use of operator time. With controls that switch automatically from a “Cook” mode to “Hold," operators will have more time to concentrate on additional tasks. Simply load, set and serve!

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