Restaurant Equipment

Moisture Holding

Moisture Control Cabinets are sure to enhance any busy restaurant operation.
For stationary or satellite kitchens, operators will find the FWE moisture cabinets to be easy to use, well built and reliable.
Maintaining food quality for extended periods of time can be a challenge.
Our moisture cabinets are designed to preserve food quality while staying hot and ready to serve.
An accurate balance of heat and humidity levels creates an environment ideal for holding product for short-term and extended periods.
Proper heat and moisture levels inside the unit means food is held under precise conditions, resulting in less waste.
Keeping food hot while maintaining flavor and product quality can be achieved with an FWE moisture cabinet.

Heated holding

It’s not just about “Hot Food”. . .it’s about hot food that holds its taste!
Our heated holding cabinets are designed to help your food not only stay hot, but fresh & flavorful for hours!Running a Restaurant and keeping track of your commercial food service operations is challenging enough, guests don’t like food that has not been held properly.
FWE heated holding cabinets have the ideal blend of heat & humidity to hold all types of menu items.
Whether you are feeding hundreds or thousands of diners, we take the worry out of food service.
We will keep your food hot, fresh & flavorful, on time – every time



Preparing and holding meals that sustain product integrity, flavor, and stay hot can be a major challenge in a hectic restaurant environment.
So let the FWE Low Temperature Cook & Hold Ovens do the cooking and holding for you!Great for roasts, vegetables, starches and baking, effortlessly load your product, set and you’re done.
With easy to use controls that switch automatically from a “Cook” to “Hold” mode, there is no need to check or let your roast rest after completion…
Simply serve a superior product. With radiant and gentle air circulation, foods cook with natural browning – no additional browning agents or rubs are required!
With no outside venting or hoods required, this low energy unit will also save in labor costs while preparing a superior product.


Banquet Carts

Mobile Heated Banquet Carts are a great addition to any restaurant.
FWE offers the best designed, the best built and the largest offering in the industry.We have banquet carts to fit whatever size of your operation from forty capacity to two hundred.
With our heavy duty stainless steel construction our cabinets are built to withstand the rigorous demands of the unique restaurant environment.



Mobile commercial refrigeration units are the perfect solution for holding cold foods and transporting from central locations of catering kitchens.
Portable refrigeration units are not made equal! The unique environment of Restaurant foodservice necessitates the demand for portable refrigeration.The resulting demands are harsh on stationary or reach-in “on wheels” models, which are not made to take this kind of punishment.
FWE units have excellent “pull-down” times that are required to reach safe operating conditions and extra insulation to hold temperatures – even in transit.
Commercial refrigeration units include Bulk food, and air curtain models.


Queen Mary’s

Queen Mary Transport carts are designed to last longer, period! These rugged carts are designed to perform year after year in any transport environment.
With our all-welded construction and our exclusive tubular stainless steel base frame we will endure the most rigorous of operations.
The durable stainless steel takes the abuse of the transport applications and also allows for sanitary maintenance as well.
Super Duty 8” casters allow for these large transport carts to be easily moved on and offsite.



Moisture Holding


Heated Holding




Heated Banquet