FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. | Pizza Heated Holding
Pizza. We’ve got everything you need, right here.

Keep Your Pizzas "Oven Fresh" Longer Than Ever!

Heated holding cabinets allow for preparation well before the mealtime rush, cooking in higher volume, producing menu items efficiently, reducing waste and extending that hot out-of-the-oven texture and flavor of any finished product.

FWE foodservice equipment is easy-to-use with intuitive controls that do not require extensive training to operate. Simply dial-in your desired holding temperature and settings.

Additionally, FWE offers an assortment of caster options to choose from that allow foodservice operators high mobility and tremendous flexibility in their operations to handle almost any distance and terrain.

Chain pizzerias and independents know the secret for success is to create simple operational procedures to produce food with consistent flavor, texture and appearance that their customers have come to expect. Standardized methods lower operating costs, produce consistent menu items, and help your pizzeria operate strategically.

Many of our models are designed for moisture sensitive foods by gently circulating precise levels of heat and humidity around the product to maintain the optimal levels of crispness and moistness you desire. Keeping your pizza oven-fresh and ready to serve. All day, every day!