For Various Size Trays and Pans

Improve workflow - Air Screen allows door to be kept open during tray makeup!

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Air Screen allows for open door operation! - 3D Air Screen with multi-fan system provides the fastest cool down times and maintains cabinet temperatures of 40°F or below with the door open for up to 4 hours on the ASU-10 and 1.5 hours on the R-AS-10. Refrigeration System is bottom mounted and self-contained with active defrost system, Intuitive controls, Tray Slides with Tilt Feature, Rear Mounted Stainless Steel Push Bar Handle, Flush Recessed Side Hand Grips, 6" Heavy Duty Caster, Full 270° Door Swing - Also, Energy Efficient meeting DOE standards!

Designed for the hospital, nursing homes, in-flight or other tray line operations and institutional use, the Reach-in Refrigerated Air Screen, R-AS-10, allows for lower interior cabinet temperatures with the door open up to 90 minutes, maintaining an interior temperature (conditional) of 40°F or less.

Engineered to answer your most demanding needs, FWE's all stainless steel heavy-duty and welded construction delivers the performance and dependability you require. Exclusive "Food Sentry" highly accurate intuitive controls and oversize high demand components assure rapid pull-down times and quick recoveries. If your operation changes, no problem. Your FWE Refrigerated Air Screen Unit can be used as a standard reach-in refrigerator.

Move the cabinet where you need it! The bottom mounted compressor is built on a heavy-duty, one-piece stainless steel tubular frame, reinforcing members and design engineered constructed to absorb vibration and shocks associated with demanding and abusive working environments. Make your choice FWE . . . the "Choice of the Professionals".

This commercial food cooler is one piece of equipment every kitchen needs for cold food holding. It really is the best commercial food-warming equipment you can buy. FWE's attention to detail is what makes our heated cabinets the choice of commercial foodservice equipment suppliers everywhere. Foodservice equipment you can count on. FWE has a server for every application and all of your food holding needs.

Correctional food service professionals love all the HDM Security Packages available for their tough environments. Corrections is an environment that FWE understands. FWE has been working with the foodservice providers from many Departments of Corrections (DOC) for over 50 years.

FWE understands that the best restaurant equipment needs to be built tough. Unlike many environments, hospital foodservice equipment is used several times a day, 365 days a year. This air curtain can take it.

For your school foodservice equipment needs; these versatile cold cabinets hold food whenever or wherever it's needed; your buffet line or cafeteria equipment line. You're ready to serve precisely when the lunch bell rings.

This portable food cooler is perfect for catering use. FWE knows Commercial catering equipment needs to be versatile.

We know it's not just another refrigerated cabinet. It's what you do. Let FWE help you get it done right.

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