For Various Size Trays, Pans and Gastro-Norm

Rethermalization oven for high volume heating and finishing of pre-cooked foods, without overcooking or dehydration

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The RH-8 is a rethermalization oven for high volume heating and finishing of pre-cooked or prepared foods. Retherm ovens are typically found in large institutions such as schools, hospitals, and prisons.

The RH-8 allows users to go from cold to hot to hold with the press of a button. No need for constant monitoring. Simply dial-in retherm oven temperatures up to 350°F (180°C) and heated holding temperatures up to 190°F (90°C). Oven will automatically switch from retherm mode to holding mode. Operators can program up to 8 preset menu selections.

Because retherm ovens such as the FWE RH-8, top out at a maximum temperature of 350°F, in most states these ovens are not required to be under expensive ventilation hoods.

The RH-8 is provided with universal slides that fit ever-changing needs. Universal tray slides offer high capacity of two (2) pans per set of slides and they hold various size trays. Each set of tray slides can accommodate: (1) 18 x 26, (2) 12 x 20, (2) 14 x 18, (2) 18 x 13, (1) 20 x 22, (2) 10 x 20 trays/pans. Uprights punched on 1.5(38 mm) centers. Slides are fully adjustable and removable for thorough interior cleaning.

RH-8, Retherm Oven
8 pair of slides are provided at standard 3" spacing. If required additional slides and shelves are available.

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