Precision Holding Technology


Hold true: how precision holding technology is changing the game

Precision holding technology continues to advance, with cutting-edge equipment now able to safely hold hot food to exact temperatures and moisture content for days. The benefits for operators are abundant

It has long been considered a key ambition for many commercial foodservice operators: equipment that can hold food at precisely the temperature and humidity required. But precision holding cabinets, built to maintain the quality of food within a tightly controlled environment, are very much a technology of today, rather than the future.

Indeed, this technological leap forward is now being embraced by foodservice operators ranging from fine-dining restaurants to institutional caterers. “Precision holding is maintaining the temperature of cooked food in a manner that ensures the product is safe to serve while maintaining its moisture and crispiness,” explains Stuart Powell, CEO of Cookshack, Inc. in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

As consumers have demanded quicker service and more consistently high-quality food …

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