Low Temp Cook & Hold Ovens

Our New Generation (G2) Low Temperature Cook and Hold Ovens Help Cut Operating Costs and Increase Food Quality!

FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company Low Temp Cook & Hold Ovens

Slow cooking produces high yield with natural browning.

Food juices are retained inside the meat so there is less shrinkage. Not just for Steamship Rounds! Almost any type or grade of meat can be used when slow cooking. Natural enzyme action tenderizes meat. Preserve and enhance the delicate flavor of salmon and other fish favorites. Vegetables retain their rich color and nutrition. Breads, rolls, desserts, apple pie and cookies brown evenly for a golden presentation.

Save on valuable hood space! No outside venting or hoods required.

(Local Codes Prevail)

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use dial-in controls.
  • Precision accurate temperature cooking by product probe or time mode.
  • Field reversible doors on all ½ size, full size and NEW countertop models.
  • Consistent quality internal probe allows cook to internal core temp then auto hold.
  • Gentle air circulation reduces product shrinkage, maintains high product yield.
  • Overnight cooking saves on energy costs in areas with an electrical demand fee.
  • Removable drip pan for ease of cleaning.